The Future of Influencer Marketing

By paulowolabi / May 24, 2019
future of influencer marketing

The effectiveness of Influencer Marketing can no longer be doubted. There is no debate about the tremendous results that marketers have achieved using Influencer Marketing. No wonder we have seen some significant growth in adopters of Influencer Marketing. According to statistics from Influencer Marketing Hub, the industry grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $4.6 […]

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Optimizing your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By paulowolabi / May 17, 2019

Many marketers are achieving huge success with influencer marketing. There are endless possibilities with Influencer Marketing, and the success stories are a testimony to that fact. However, while some marketers are “killing” it with Influencer Marketing, others are struggling to achieve their goals. They don’t get adequate returns on investment, and they are frustrated with […]

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How to Start an Influencer Campaign

By paulowolabi / April 26, 2019
influencer campaign

In a previous article, we have looked at what Influencer Marketing is all about and the benefits they provide to marketers and business owners. If you are convinced by the facts and statistics from that article, you are probably wondering how to kick off an Influencer campaign and enjoy the benefits of Influencer Marketing. In […]

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By paulowolabi / April 16, 2019
influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is becoming a big thing in the digital marketing space. The growth is so extensive and far-reaching that business owner and digital marketers can no longer ignore influencer marketing. According to a survey by Invesp (a conversion optimization company), 94% of marketers believe influencer marketing is so effective.  48% […]

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How to Take Advantage of the Facebook Live Video Feature

By paulowolabi / February 15, 2019
facebook live video

How to take advantage of the Facebook Live Video Feature One of the growing trends in the content marketing world is the continued importance of visual content. Content that contain visual elements can generate 94% more views on social media than content without visual elements. Moreover, visual content produce 37% higher user engagement than non-visual […]

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Establishing Authority with Podcast Marketing

By paulowolabi / February 6, 2019
podcast marketing

  Do you know that more Americans know what a podcast is than who is their Vice President? Podcast marketing is gaining more traction, and business owners need to be more educated about its benefits. Content Marketing is fast becoming an integral part of a business marketing strategy. Many more businesses are recognizing the importance […]

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5 Incredible Ways to Ace Customer Engagement

By paulowolabi / January 29, 2019
customer engagement

Customer Engagement is one of the most important marketing activities. It is so crucial to the success of any business organization. Customer relationship management is the heartbeat of the new marketing era. More than the product, more than sales and revenue, business ventures are recognizing how crucial their customers are to everything else. Good customer […]

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