How to Take Advantage of The Facebook Live Video Feature

How to Take Advantage of The Facebook Live Video Feature

One of the growing trends in the content marketing world is the continued importance of visual content.

Content that contain visual elements can generate 94% more views on social media than content without visual elements.

Moreover, visual content produce 37% higher user engagement than non-visual content.

It is for this reason that more marketers prefer visual images (32%) to blogging (27%) as their most important form of content.

Human beings have a greater capacity to process visual content faster (60,000 times) with a higher retention rate (65% to 10%)

Marketers are recognizing this fact and designing their marketing strategy to align with it. 51% of B2B marketers prioritize visual assets in their content marketing.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic to show the importance of visual content is the one published by Invodo.

The study discovered that including the word “Video” in an email subject line can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

Also interesting is the research by Comscore that videos on your website can improve chances of getting ranked on Google’s first page by 53%. Video content marketing can improve SEO and increase website traffic.

What is the Facebook Live Video?

The Facebook Live Video is a feature by Facebook that understands the preceding statistics and seeks to help businesses maximize the benefits.

It is a feature that allows individuals and Facebook pages to live stream videos to their friends and followers.

The Facebook Live video was launched in August of 2015 for businesses only. In April 2016, it was made available for everyone.

It is a step ahead of prerecorded videos. It allows instant connection and engagement between the user and the fans.

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Benefits of the Facebook Live Video

Just in April 2018, on the second anniversary of the Facebook Live feature, there have been 3.5 billion live broadcasts.

More importantly, Live Videos generated 6 times more engagement than prerecorded videos.

It is no wonder that 82% of Facebook users prefer the live video to social media posts.

The number of Facebook live viewers is therefore increasing. Search queries like, “how to watch Facebook live,” “how to go live on Facebook lite” are growing in popularity.

What are some benefits of the Facebook Live Video feature?

  • Trust and credibility: The fact that live videos are unscripted; not prerecorded and offer direct access or insight into the activities of your brand gives a kind of credibility that can build trust and relationship.
  • Better engagement: Live videos have greater engagement than prerecorded videos. They are watched three times longer than prerecorded videos. The fact that is live leads to greater interactions in term of likes and comments. Mark Herbert in a study found live videos to generate ten times more comments.
  • Real-time information: Facebook live video allows you to give fans and followers instant, real time information of some significant activities that concern them.
  • More views: Facebook live videos are watched six times more than prerecorded videos.
  • Sales: A study found that 12% of people who watch a video end up purchasing from the brand. If that was the potential of prerecorded videos, the potentials are higher with live videos.

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How Brands are maximizing the Facebook Live Video

Brands have been using the Facebook Live feature in many interesting and creative ways.

Questions and Answers session

Business owners and social media managers have been using the live video feature to engage customers and fans in a question and answer session.

Instead of responding to questions through comments, they schedule a period where people can answer questions and get a direct face to face answer.

It is also used to answer questions that have people have in response to your post.

Live Interviews

Organizations bring in business experts to discuss a particular preannounced topic.

Such live interviews give an opportunity for questions and answer. They tend to generate a lot of views and interaction especially when there is enough publicity before the event.

Behind the scenes

Brands have been building credibility and better relationship with their fans with behind the scenes footages.

The live video gives a look into how your business operates and the people that are making everything works.

Customers and fans feel a sense of belonging that improves their commitment to your brand.

It is an avenue to give them the “insider” feeling.

Make Announcements: Events

Live videos are being used to make announcements of events.

Apart from announcing events, it can also be used to give people a feel of what is happening in the event.

This is important for those who didn’t attend. It can convince them to attend the next one when they see live the benefits derived from the event

Make Announcements: Special offers and products launch

Live video can be used to announce new offers and emphasize the benefits to be derived.

They are also being used to announce product launches. Companies create a live video that portrays the unboxing of a product to get customers excited about the product.

Some companies have also used the Facebook Live feature to show people using their products as a way to encourage others to buy.

Product demonstration and guide

This has been very useful for those in the food industry.

Companies create a live video session where they demonstrate how their products are to be used.

This is essential for companies who sell technical products that need a demonstration.

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How to Join the Facebook Live video “party”

By now, you must have realized the huge potentials that the Facebook live video has.

After you have created your perfect Facebook business page, you must maximize the benefits of this feature.

It is an important asset that your business and brand should explore. The benefits are immense.

How do you get started? How do you create a Facebook live event?

Create a plan

Like every other marketing activity, the high ROI is in the planning.

If you want to use Facebook live video, create a strategy document that outlines:

  • What your objectives are
  • What particular purposes will be your point of focus: announcements, live interviews, Q&A, product demonstration, etc.
  • How often you will create a live video
  • What equipment you will use to create the video

Inform the team

Let your team members know of the new marketing strategy you are implementing.

Educate them on the importance and what their duties will likely be to make it work out.

Create a schedule and notification

It is important to give your audience a heads up before you go live.

You can create a kind of schedule or notification that announces you are going live soon.

This video goes into the process in details. If you prefer text, read this.

Find a good environment

Find a good environment (depending on the type of live video) that will ensure the highest quality production.

Ensure there are enough lights.

Use a background that is in harmony with the purpose you are trying to achieve.

Show Expertise

Create your live video with a touch of excellence and expertise.

Use good cameras and someone that is good with the handling of the camera.

Publish in multiple pages

Use the cross-posting option to send the live video to multiple pages.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to cross-post to multiple pages.

This is useful if you have a brand that has multiple Facebook pages for different local offices.

Save Video for future uses

After the completion of the live video, follow the option to save the video on your recording device for further usage.

The live feature also automatically saves a live video as a standard video for replays.

Analyze the insights

You can access your live video stats on your personal profile or the page.

The statistics can tell you how your live videos performed including engagement, video views, followers and minutes played.

Analyze the data to know areas of improvement.


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The Facebook live video is a great tool from Facebook that can help businesses and brands take advantage of the visual loving populace. It should be part of your content marketing strategy.

There are many ways the feature can be used to benefit your brand.

Create a plan and work together with your team to start creating live videos for better engagement, interaction and more personal relationship with your audience.

The live streaming industry is expected to be $70 billion in 2021.

You can’t afford to miss out on the potentials.

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