How To Build Your Business Website

How To Build Your Business Website

A business website is a necessity for every business that wants to thrive in the digital world. It is one of the platforms that give a business the necessary visibility and awareness. Awareness/promotion is an important step in the digital marketing process.

A good digital marketing strategy must include a plan for building and keeping a business website. A business website helps with promotion, building a relationship with the target market, attracting the target market through lead generation and conversion of the target market into customers.

Marketing in a globalized economy requires a business website that is well designed and well operated.

Uses of a business website


  • Visibility: A good business website ensures that your business is visible to the more than 4 billion people who are internet users. More specifically, it makes your business visible to your target market.
  • Customer relationship management: Your website functions as your online office. It provides a medium where potential and actual customers can get information from you at any time of the day without a need for direct communication. It also provides a platform where you can relate with them through a blog. This allows you to know them better and get their response on your product/service.
  • Organic traffic: A website that is optimized for the search engine through appropriate SEO strategies and content marketing will generate organic traffic. The organic traffic generated will result to more sales either directly or indirectly (affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc.)
  • Lead generation: A website provides a platform where you can generate leads for your products or services. An email sign up through pop up forms or embedded forms can generate a mailing list that will useful down the sales funnel. Your website will also house the landing pages where potential customers are captured for conversion.
  • Paid advertisement: A website also allows you to run Google ads and drive traffic to your landing pages. Website visit is also a Facebook ad objective. Google Ads and Facebook ads need a website to function.

In this article, we will go through the essential steps towards building an amazing website for your business.

business website

business website


The first step to building your business website is to decide on a domain name and hosting platform. A domain name is the website address of your business. For example, the domain name of my website is http://paulthecontentwriter.com.

A domain is a way you distinguish your business from other related businesses. Two businesses cannot have the same domain names. It is your unique identification.

Your domain name can be the name of your already established business. It can also be your name if you want to create a personal brand around your name or if you have many related businesses in one. An example is Neilpatel.com. Also, the domain name can be the name of your product (harvardgenerator.com, wpdiamonds.com) or a combination of your product/services and the location you serve (dallastexasconsultants.com).

The domain name can also be the target market you serve (Entrepreneur.com, expresswriters.com)

If you are confused about generating your domain name, you can use this tool or this one.

Subsequently, you will want to confirm the availability of the domain name. You can use this tool to search for the availability of your chosen domain name.

There will be the .com, .org, .net variants among others. SEO.Com has a short article that can help you decide which of the domain extensions is best for you.

Rand Fishkin of Moz.com gives 8 important tips to consider when choosing a domain name.


Most of the companies who offer hosting services also help you to purchase and own a domain name. You can take the two steps together.

A hosting platform is where website information and data are stored on the World Wide Web. Hosting services ensure a website can be seen on the internet. Your website is stored on a server and it becomes accessible to anyone via your domain name.

There are many hosting companies you can choose from:

  • Bluehost.com: Blue Host is still the most popular hosting service providers. Blue host provides hosting services for more than 2 million blogs and website. They have an uptime that is 99.99% and a website speed of 424ms. According to data by Hosting Facts, they are 1st in Uptime and 5th in speed. Blue host also offers great security (Spam Assassin, Cloud Fare, Hotlink Protection, IP Address backlist, etc.) and integrations with other web platforms (Google apps, Cloud Fare, shopping cart software).

Read the review from Hosting facts and get started with Blue Host. They have a 30-day money back guarantee. The basic plan is $3.95/ month.

  • Site Ground: Site Ground hosts around 800,000 websites and blogs. It has a good Uptime of 99.99% and speed of 714ms. They are very good hosting platform, especially for WordPress Websites. Site Ground has excellent customer support and responsive customer service.

Read the review from hosting facts and get started with Site Ground at $3.95/month (basic plan) and 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Host Gator: Host Gator is the best cloud hosting platform. They have an uptime of 99.97% and a site speed of 419ms. The site is very user-friendly. They also have extras like free migrations, Global CDN, daily backups and automatic malware removal. They host more than 600,000 websites and blogs.

Read the review and get started at $2.99/month for the basic plan.

  • Hostinger: Hostinger is a cheaper hosting platform. It has an Uptime of 99.87% and a second best-rated speed of 385ms.

Read the review and get started with Hostinger at $0.80/month for the basic plan with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • A2 Hosting: A2 hosting is well-known for their amazing speed. Started in 2001, they have delivered some of the best server speed in the last two years. It has an Uptime of 99.93%. Their hosting plans are cheap and developer-friendly. It’s also easy to scale as your needs increase.

Read the review and get started with A2 Hosting at $2.96/month with money back guarantee.

There are many other hosting platforms you can consider like Godaddy, Ipage, and Dream host). They all have their unique features and selling points.

Apart from these platforms, there are also some local hosting companies in your area that you can use {just type hosting companies in (your area) }. They are cheaper but can’t provide the quality of the above-listed platforms.

Not sure of the hosting platform to use? Hosting advice has a good article on how to choose a web hosting platform.

Website Builders

You can decide to build your website from scratch if you have a good knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and the other technical programming stuff.

If you don’t have that expertise, there are two options. You can hire someone with the expertise to build the website for you.  You can find web designers on freelancing platforms like Fiverr.com, Upwork.com or check Google (website developer + {your location}) or website developer + {your niche})On the other hand, you can use one of the website building platforms that allows you to build your website by a simple drag and drop process.

These website builders provide you with predesigned themes. All you need to do is to choose the theme appropriate to your business idea and edit it accordingly. You might also need the services of an expert depending on your level of technicality.

Some of the common website builders are:


WordPress is reputable for its simplicity. Apart from that, it provides themes and plugins that will enable you to implement SEO strategies that will boost your business. It has the largest database of themes and plugins that can aid your digital marketing goals.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on installing WordPress on any web hosting platform.

  • Wix.com: Wix is gaining more popularity by the day. It is a blank canvas website builder that allows you to drag and drop any element to any part of your website. Wix is not so simple to use and can become quite confusing and cumbersome. However, it offers flexibility in the building of your business website.


You can read a review here or check out examples of websites that are built with Wix. Get started with Wix or just create a landing page with it.

  • Weebly: Weebly is a flexible and yet easy to use website builder. It has inbuilt site statistics, responsive design, and themes. It also has an Ipad site editor. Weebly does not have reusable photo storage, and the mobile version is not customizable. Weebly powers 0.4 % of websites and blogs.

Here are some sites created with Weebly. You can get started at Weebly.com

  • Square Space: Square Space has well-designed themes that make it one of the best website builders. They have fresh themes with world-class appeal. However, you need to be tech-savvy to use Square Space successfully.

Here are some sites created with Square Space. Read a comprehensive review of Square Space here.

If you have a difficulty deciding on a website builder, read this article. Personally, I will recommend WordPress any day.



The theme is the outlook of your website. It is a website built with customizable elements that can be edited by the user. The web development experts built these themes. There are website themes for all kinds of businesses.

Any of the website builders will have themes that you can use for free or buy at a price. Choose a team that is relevant to your business. There are always many available options.

Some of the best themes available on WordPress are Genesis Schema, Avada, Good life, Thesis, The 7, Vivian, Writers, Top SEO, Candy, Simple and Elegant Marketing PRO. On Wix you have: Coming soon landing page, The Consultant, Tech startup, Family photographer, Food blog, Plant Boutique amongst others. On Weebly, we also have Paper, Cento, Birdseye, Journey, Squared, Craft, and Ethereal among others. Squarespace also has some collections that include: Five, Pacific, Wexley, Shift, Alex, Galapagos, Native, Montauk, Bryant, and Bedford among others.

On the other hand, you can decide to buy premium themes from theme shops. The premium themes once downloaded can be used on any platform. Also, you can reuse any of the premium themes you purchase for any other website.

Some of the best theme shops where you can get high-quality themes are:

  • Theme Forest: 44,030 WordPress themes available on Theme forest. They offer elegant and well-designed themes at a low price. You will need to be careful when buying themes to avoid themes from unknown people that will compromise the quality of your site
  • My Theme Shop: They provide more than 100 WordPress premium themes. Each theme costs $59, or you can subscribe for membership at a yearly fee of $159
  • Elegant Themes: Elegant themes provide easy to use and beautiful themes. There are 87 themes. You can subscribe to use Elegant Themes for $69 a year and get access to all the available themes
  • My Temple Storage: They also have well-designed themes you can use for your website. There are themes for each category. Their growing satisfied customers give good ratings for the themes.
  • Creative Market: They offer high-quality themes at an affordable price. You can use their themes on any web platform. They offer lots of discounts and promos

Some of the key factors to consider when deciding on a theme include:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Some themes are notable for their SEO alignment. These themes provide features that make implementing SEO themes easier. Look out for such themes
  • User Reviews: Don’t just look at the rating, read what users are saying about the themes. It gives you an insight into the type of theme you should use or purchase.
  • Ease of use: Ensure you use a theme that is easy to use and edit to meet your taste
  • Browser compatibility: The theme works well on different types of browsers.
  • Functionality: Ensure the theme is functional with valid HTML and CSS.

Once you have purchased a theme, this guide will take you through the installation for WordPress, this for Weebly, this for Square Space and this for Wix.

website design


Plugins are tools that improve the functionality of your website. Plugins make it easy to do certain things on your website without the technicality. They are softwares that improve the functionality of your business website.

WordPress has a litany of plugins that are essential for the maximum functionality of your website. The plugins you install will depend on what you need to get done. However, here are some important plugins for WordPress users:

  • Yoast SEO: It is one of the most important plugins. It helps to ensure the optimization of your site and every of your content for the search engine. There is a free and paid version.
  • Sassy Social Share: This plugin ensures that readers can share your posts with their various social media platforms
  • Monster Insights: Monster Insights gives you the Google Analytics reports for your website. The premium version integrates Google Search Console.
  • Headers and Footers: You can include links into your header and footer easily. Essential for email marketing.
  • WP Chatbot: Good for customer relations. Helps you to have live communication with your potential and actual customers.
  • WP-Optimize: It helps to clean up junk files and keep your website functioning well.

The kind of business you are in will determine other essential plugins. Just type on Google: Essential plugins for + your niche website. For example, you can type- essential plugins for a photography website.

Learn how to install a WordPress plugin easily.


For Wix Website builder, the plugins are known as Wix Apps. The Apps serve the same function as the WordPress plugins. The top Wix apps include:

  • Comments: Enables users and readers to leave feedback on your site
  • Site Booster: Helps with Search Engine Optimization
  • FAQ: An app that allows you to answer FAQ in categories
  • Social Media stream: Share posts from your social media to your website
  • Get Subscribers: Monitor and manage email subscribers
  • Site Search: enables site visitors to locate specific information easily
  • Tido Live chat: Chat real-time with website visitors

See other must have Wix apps

Weebly also has some useful plugins called widgets:

  • Contact widget: For contact forms
  • Chat widget: Live Chat
  • Subscribe widget: Email subscribers. Integrated with Mailchimp, Getresponse, etc.
  • Share: Share your posts to social media
  • Follow: Let website visitors follow you on social media
  • Promo: Pop up your time-bound promos
  • Survey: Get information from website visitors

website design

Website Pages


There are certain important pages you will need to write for your website. Your Search Engine Optimization begins with how well you write these pages. They are the Home Page, About Page, and Contact Page, Services/Products page, FAQ page, and Privacy policy page.

Producing good content for these pages is so essential. Learn how to write website pages that sell. Alternatively, if you don’t trust your writing ability or you need the services of an expert, you can contact me.




A business website is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Get your domain name, choose a hosting platform, decide on website builder, get the best theme, update the most important plugins or apps or widgets as the case may be and write the best content for your website pages.

It will give your business the necessary visibility and position it to make a lot of gains from other digital marketing strategies.

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