5 Proven Ways to Quickly Increase your Email Subscribers

5 Proven Ways to Quickly Increase your Email Subscribers

We cannot be over-emphasize the importance of targeted traffic. It is the foundation of your business success and growth. In a previous blog post, we have looked at ways to increase targeted traffic to your website and other social media channels where your business is visible.

How then do you make maximum use of the traffic you generate? There are many ways to do that, but one of the most important is turning your targeted traffic to email subscribers.

email subscribers

Importance of Email Marketing

269 billion emails were sent in 2017. By 2022, half the world population will be users of email.

According to statistics from Word Stream, 86% of business professionals prefer to use email for business communication; 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most important channel for their revenue generation. 80% of retail professionals acknowledge that email marketing is their greatest tool for customer retention.

More interesting, customers who buy products through email tend to spend 138% more than others.

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect $32 return on investment.

Building and growing an email list is therefore an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

email subscribers

Increase your email subscribers: Build a strategic pop-up form

A Pop-up form is a great strategy to turn your targeted traffic into email subscribers. A pop-up form is a form that appears over the content of a website that asks people to opt in to the mailing list of the website in return for an offer.

A pop-up form unlike other types of sign up forms is very visible. It is impossible not to notice it.

The only question is whether the offer you make with the form will be good enough for the readers.

A good pop-up form will see your email subscribers’ list skyrocket in no time.

MailChimp has a guide on how to build one with their platform

Below are some best practices for a pop-up form:

Perfect timing

Timing is one of the essential elements of a successful pop-up form. You don’t want your pop-up form to come up too early which can irritate visitors and increase bounce rate.

On the other hand, you don’t want to make it come too late where the interest has waned.

One deciding factor will be the goals that you seek to achieve with your mailing list. A late pop-up (after visiting 2 or 3 pages) will be better if you want a more targeted list of people who are engaging with your brand. If you want subscribers as fast as possible, an early pop-up will be more aligned to your goal.

The best course of action is to conduct A/B testing to be sure which timing works best. Set your timing to 5 seconds, later to 20 seconds and compare the results.

Alternatively, you can set your pop-up form to the landing page or the next page the visitor visits.

You can also compare the subscription rate when pop-up comes when a reader is at the middle of the page to when they are at the end of the page.

Check these Eleven A/B Testing Best Practices to Boost your Leads and Subscribers

Clear call to action

Let the call to action be simple, clear and straightforward.

Make it clear that you want them to subscribe to your email list. Let that Call to action be bold and clear.

Irresistible offer

Use lead magnet that your audience will not be able to resist.

It might be an e-book, email course, access to special offers and discounts, whitepaper, case study, access to a webinar, free one-month premium membership, a short report, and a contest among others.

Each of these has its advantages.  B2B marketers find whitepapers and case studies more useful. Some readers prefer an e-book while others will want an email course they can chew bit by bit.

It all comes down to your niche and the nature of your target audience.

A/B testing can also be helpful here. You can choose two or three lead magnet and test which of them works best in terms of subscription rate.

Whatever lead magnet you use, ensure that the readers are getting maximum value by subscribing to your email list.

Let the lead magnet be only a taste of the amazing “meal” they will get as your subscribers.

Let your email list itself be the greatest incentive.

You can read up on how to select incentives for your marketing campaigns

Personalized offer

Emphasize the benefit they get from joining your email list in personal terms. Let them feel that there is a personal benefit they are getting from this.

For example, “Subscribe to my mailing list and learn how to increase your traffic by 600%”. There is a sense of personal benefit in that offer.

Don’t make it a generic offer but something that makes them feel special and unique. Use words like “exclusive”, “VIP”, “Premium”, “latest”.

email subscribers

email subscribers

Simple and cool design

A good design will improve your subscription rate

It does not need to be too flashy or text-based. A simple design will do well than a complicated one.

email subscribers

Increase your email subscribers: Create a landing page

A landing page is a page dedicated to just one single purpose. It may be to sell a product or to generate leads.

Creating a landing page for your email subscription can be a smart way to increase your email subscribers.

A landing page provides you greater space to give visitors the benefits they will get from subscribing to your list.

It provides an opportunity to include testimonials and reviews from those who have benefitted from your expertise.

Moreover, you can also give more details about the lead magnet that you are offering as an incentive for their email.

Some best practices

  • Use social proof: This can be reviews, testimonials or just stating the number of people who have subscribed to your list. Social proof improves the confidence of visitor.
  • Emphasize benefit: This is the advantage of a landing page. You have more space to emphasize the benefit of the offer (lead magnet) and the benefit of your email list
  • Use excellent design: Break up the information to sections. Use contrasting colors
  • Bold and clear call to action: Make your call to action the boldest and clearest element in the landing page

Increase your email subscribers: Create a sticky top bar

A sticky top bar is a small bar that appears on the top of all the pages of your website. They are also known as Hello bars, floating bars, and notification bars. This is an example of a sticky top bar from Neil Patel’s website.

email subscribers

Here is another example from Jeff Bullas’s blog.

email subscribers

When a reader leaves a page to another, the form on the top bar remains. In this way, you can gain the attention of readers and visitors.

Hellobar.com allows you to create sticky top bars for different marketing purposes (a link to a sales page or announcing special offers). You can also use Optin Monster.

A good use of the top bar is to increase your email subscribers.

Increase your email subscribers: Create a survey

We live in a content-saturated world. People get loads of content every day telling them what to do and how to do it.

But as humans, we love to be part of the discussion rather than just being told what to do.

We desire to be engaged in the discussion. We love to give our opinions and air our views on a number of issues.

You can take advantage of this to increase your email subscribers……..by creating a survey.

A survey seeks the opinion, input, feeling or experience of the respondents regarding an issue or a product.

Creating and distributing a well-made survey cannot just get you good insights into your target audience; it can help build your email list.

Choose an interesting survey topic

The topic of your survey will determine the success of it. Ensure you choose a topic that is related to your business and niche. Create a survey around recent news, products, ideas that will interest your audience.

It can be a review of their experience with a product you sell; their opinion on the latest news in your industry; their reaction to a new regulation; their views on how to improve your product or service.

Make your questions clear and easy to answer

  • Avoid leading and ambiguous questions.
  • Each question should be related and relevant to the topic of the survey.
  • Let there be a good mix of multiple choice, yes/no, interval, checkbox and textbox questions.
  • Keep it short and sweet

Request for email addresses

Request for email addresses as part of the fields but make it an optional field. Also, let them know that if they give their email addresses, they permit you to send them emails related to ……. (Your offer).

Create an offer at the end

Alternatively, at the end of the survey, give them a lead magnet, in exchange, ask for their email address.

You can also use the lead magnet offer as a reward for participating in the survey. Send them to your landing page to claim the reward or ask for their email address so you can send the reward.

The sense of getting a reward can be a better approach.

Share the survey

  • Facebook Timeline
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook groups
  • Google + Communities
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Twitter followers
  • Influencers in your niche

Create surveys with Survey Monkey, Qualaroo or Google Forms

Neil Patel has a step by step guide on how to create surveys with Survey Monkey 

email subscribers

Increase your email subscribers: The power of social media

You can leverage your social media following to grow your email list in many ways. Below are some of the popular ways to do this.

Contests and giveaways

Announce a contest on your social media. Include details about the contest. Show a picture of the prize to be won (if it is a picture).

Then share a link to a landing page where they will be able to enter into the contest.

On that landing page, request for the email as a way to participate.

You can share the contest on Facebook and Twitter and Google + communities.

Nurture groups and communities

The stress of building a group or community on social media is enormous. However, the benefits are huge.

Create and nurture a group related to your business. Announce your lead magnet on the group or community and share a link to your website where they can get the offer.

Facebook Lead ads

You can also collect email addresses through the Facebook lead ads.

Targeting is the key. Create custom look-alike audiences from your existing email list or Facebook page followers.

Share an irresistible offer they can access by providing their email address.

Start with a low budget and use A/B testing to optimize your ads.

Here is an example of a lead ad that offers a free e-book.

email subscribers

Here is a guide on how to create Facebook lead ads

Promote your landing pages on your timelines

Use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn timeline among others to create awareness about your landing pages where people can get access to your special offers.

Give brief information about the offer on the page and encourage them to follow the link to get it.

Promote landing pages and posts with content upgrades on Pinterest

Create a Pinterest image that contains a picture of your offer and a brief description of what the offer entails.

Include a link to your landing page or a post within your website with your opt-in form.

These are examples from Melyssa Griffin

email subscribers

Include social share buttons in your emails

Encourage your current email subscribers to share your content on their social media platforms.

Let that button link to a landing page where they can also sign up to receive the same content (email course, e-book, special offers, etc.)

email subscribers


The key to a successful online business is maximizing the traffic you generate.

One way to do this is to build your email list.

Email marketing offers incredible Return on investment and revenue for your business.

It is therefore important to continue to grow your email list from your targeted traffic. The larger your email list, the bigger the potentials for sales.

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