How to Optimize your Facebook Page for Business Growth

How to Optimize your Facebook Page for Business Growth

Facebook started as a platform that connects friends and families. It was focused on improving relationships and interactions among people. But with over 2 billion daily users of Facebook in 2018, it is a minefield for marketers and business owners.

Perhaps, this is why 50 million businesses have a Facebook business page. A Facebook page is a great way to give your business the needed visibility and to promote interaction with your actual and potential customers. Coupled with this, are the endless possibilities that the Facebook ads system provides. About 3 million businesses use Facebook to advertise their products and services.

It is therefore essential that every business has a Facebook page that is well optimized to take advantages of the endless benefits that Facebook offers.

In this article, we look at how to optimize your Facebook page for the growth and prosperity of your business.

If you are just getting started, you can read this guide to start your Facebook business page in eight easy steps.

Optimize your Facebook page for search engine.


Search engine optimization is not limited to websites and blogs. As a matter of fact, some people have reported that their Facebook pages are ranked higher than their websites.

Facebook pages take advantage of the high domain authority that Facebook has which is higher than most websites’.

This explains why Quora question and answer pages also rank high on the SERP for certain keywords.

For this reason, it is important to take advantage of your Facebook page by optimizing it for the search engine.

Here are some trusted tips that can help position your business brand for search engine benefits.

  • Choose a name that is brandable

A brandable name must be a name that is relevant to your business niche and can be easily remembered. If you already have a business name, you can use it for your Facebook page.

But you can also use your brand name in a more effective way. Ensure that what you do is evident from the name you have chosen. You can do this by including a relevant keyword.

If your business name for example is Aspire and you deal in travels. You can optimize the Facebook page name by using “Aspire Travels and Tours” rather than only “Aspire” unless your business brand is already well established.

It is not smart however to include too many or too long keywords. A business name must be relevant but also easy to remember so you can etch your brand in the memory of your fans.

  • Maximize your description

The company description, Story, Mission and About section provide big opportunities for SEO. The company description is an opportunity to give an overview of what your business is all about.

The page should be relevant and include the keywords that customers will be using to look for your business. It should also include some keyword synonyms to improve search potentials. The sentences should be short with short phrases. Two or three paragraphs will do. The company description should include your business website URL.

The Company mission section should be short and sweet. A one liner can be so effective. Use a catchy phrase or few sentences that capture the essential benefit / unique selling proposition of your business. Include keywords if possible.

The About section can be a repetition of the company overview section. Or you can use the about section to emphasize the benefits of your business offers and the company overview to emphasize the products or services you offer. It is the equivalent of the Meta description of your Facebook page. Make sure your keywords are included in an effective manner.

The story section provides the biggest opportunity for text on your Facebook page. It is the ideal place to tell the story of your inspiration to begin the business. Align your inspiration with your unique selling point and include keywords one or two times in the story.

  • Unique URL

A unique URL is similar to using the slug and snippet function in Yoast SEO. You can use your brand name as the URL to make it easy to remember or you can use the Facebook page name.

  • Contact Information

Well written contact information will offer you great advantages. When customers are looking for your business, the contact information will give them a good guide when they land on your Facebook page.

A Facebook page with comprehensive contact information has more credibility with the search engines.

It should include your physical address on a Map if available. Company’s website, phone number and email address should be included.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are a good SEO strategy. Link to your Facebook business page from your website, your blog articles and other social media channels. You can also use platforms like Yelp and Thumbtack to generate backlinks to your Facebook Business page.

  • Page Updates

You can update your updates on the page for SEO purposes. When you are prompted to “say something about this…” when posting a link, photos, video or graphics, whatever you write will be the SEO title of that post.

Include relevant keywords in that section to boost your posts.

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Optimize your Facebook page for likes and follows.


Apart from positioning your business for the search engines, there are strategies to improve your likes and follows even within the Facebook community. The higher the likes and follows of your page, the greater the opportunity to get buying customers.

Some strategies you can use to optimize your page for likes and follows include:

  • Email subscribers: Send an email to your newsletter subscribers about your Facebook page so they can follow and like the page
  • Invite your blog readers: After a blog post on your website, include a CTA that asks readers to follow your page on Facebook.
  • Create and pin a welcome post that includes a CTA to follow, like and share your page: The welcome post, when pinned is the first thing a person that likes your page will see. The post should close with an appeal to readers to share the page link to their friends. Learn how to pin a post

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  • Include your page as a workplace in your personal profile: In the About section of your personal profile, there is a place you can add your workplace. Include your page as your workplace and add the customized page URL in your workplace description. The change will reflect in your timeline and be visible in your friends’ news feeds.

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  • Include your page as part of the “pages you manage”: On your personal profile, add your business page as part of the pages you manage. It will be updated on your timeline for all to see.
  • Add your page link as your email signature: Go to settings in your Gmail account. There is a place where you can edit your email signature. Add your Facebook page link as your email signature. It ensures that the recipients of your mail get an opportunity to like your page.

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  • Create relevant posts on your timeline and include your page link as a CTA: Posts on your timeline are visible to your friends on their News Feeds. Create posts that are relevant to what you do and include a CTA that tells people to follow, like and share your page for more updates.
  • Share your page link in related groups after a while: Facebook groups give you an avenue to reach a lot of people. Introduce your business and how it can help group members. Share relevant information and interact with the community. After about two weeks of doing that, share your page link and invite people to follow for more updates.
  • Invite people who like and comment on your posts: When you make relevant posts on your timeline, invite people who like and comment on the post to follow your page.
  • Use Facebook Competition: Create a contest on your wall that people can participate in by liking your page. Or create a contest on your page that people can participate in by sharing your Facebook page to their friends. Check these 37 inspiring ideas to rock your Facebook contest.
  • Boost your post and promote your page with Facebook ads


Optimize your Facebook page for followers’ interaction.


Creating, building and maintaining a good relationship with your target market is essential to marketing success. A Facebook page should not be dormant.  You need an active page if you want to grow your likes and follows or you want to generate more leads and close more sales.

Regular interaction with your followers shows them that you care about their needs. It also establishes you as an expert and makes you the go to person when they want to make a purchase.

Consistent interaction is a huge work. You can hire a social media expert to take charge of that aspect of your business. All you need is to assign the person a page role that will allow them manage the page.

There are many things you can do optimize your page for followers’ interaction:

  • Relevant content: When you produce content that are relevant to your page followers, they will interact with the page. It can include new trends and latest news in the industry, product reviews, a new tool or software that will be helpful, business announcements and product updates.
  • Go Live: Live content drive three times more engagement on Facebook. A live video has 10 times the comments that a normal recorded video has. A live content that can be a live event that will add value to your business. It can be a live walkthrough how your product works or a live walkthrough of your service process. Brainstorm and come up with live content you can update on your page. Your business will be thankful.

Neil Patel has 19 Live Video ideas that you can use to create brand awareness.

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  • Online Poll: Facebook poll can be a great way to engage with your customers. Create a poll that your target market will be excited about. What features do you think is most important in XYZ product? What was the feeling when you first used our product or service?


You can also create an opinion poll on the relevant news in your industry. Facebook just acquired Whatsapp, what do you think? What do you think about Majestic, the new backlink analysis tool? A new kind of dress was just launched by ABC, hit or miss?


You can use Facebook polls to get product feedback, get deeper understanding of your target market and build a good relationship with them. Mobile or desktop, where do you make your purchases? Video, text or pictures, what content do you love the most?  A free e-book or a free 3 days membership, which do you prefer?

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You can build a better product or shape your marketing with new insights generated.


Here is a complete guide.

  • Comments and likes: Let your followers know how much you value their comments, and likes. Go over the comments, like their comments; respond to those that need response, give opinions on their answers, direct them to more resources. Don’t take the response of your followers for granted. When they understand how important you are to them, they will trust you and love your products/services.
  • Questions: Josh Parkinson came up with 5 templates you can use to create posts on your Facebook page that will engage your followers.


Though the post was not initially meant for business purpose, it can serve your business page. It can allow you get a picture of the personality behind your customers.


  1. This, this or this: Example: London, New York or Paris
  2. The first/best/worst…I ever…was———- . Example: The best show on TV right now is ———, the hardest thing to give up in life is ———–
  3. If I could snap my fingers and … I would ————–. Example: If I could snap my fingers and be any person in history, I’d be———–, If I could snap my finger and be a genius at any subject, I’d be a genius at—————
  4. By a show of hands, how many of you————. Example: By a show of hands how many of you are reading this on phone, by a show of hands how many of you consider your pet your next of kin.
  5. If I had to give up ———– or ————, I would give up ———–. Example: If I had to give up Christmas or my birthday, I would give up——-, If I had to give up Facebook or Google, I will give up ———–

You can add a whole lot of creativity that can make this fun as well as a source of insights for your business while engaging with your followers.

  • Facebook Competition: Facebook contest can also help to enhance engagement with your followers. A contest with a good giveaway price will lead to massive engagement on your page. Check this 13 killer Facebook contest ideas.


Optimize your Facebook page for sales.


The end product you desire from the followership and the community engagement is sales. Therefore, it is important to also optimize your Facebook page for sales. When people are on the page, you have to make it easier for them to make Sales decision. Some of the proven strategies include:


Reviews give them confidence and answer their objections. They believe they are taking less risk with their purchase. Incorporate 3-10 reviews and testimonial. Ensure you update them every month because 44% believe a review should be within a month to be relevant.

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  • Pin your special offers: When you are making special offers to your customer, pin that announcement so they can see it on top of the page. Follow the normal rules of special offers and your Facebook page will produce massive sales.
  • Include a product store or a list of services: Facebook now allows you to list your products on your page just like you list products on Amazon. The product will have a price and a link to your website where they can check out.


Ensure you have your products on the store and make sure your call to action is “Shop now”.

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For those who are into services, Facebook also allows you to list your services, the cost of the service and the duration it takes to complete the service. Followers can easily hire you on that Facebook page even without visiting your website.

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  • Include a relevant Call to Action: If you want your blog followers to visit your website, a “Learn More” call to action is appropriate. If you have a store on Facebook and want them to make purchase, you can use “Shop now”. If it is services, you can use “Contact me” or “hire me”. The important thing is to understand the nature of your business and choose a call to action that is appropriate to your Facebook marketing goals.
  • Location: This is especially important for local businesses. Include your location in your contact information with a map. Let the contact information include the period of time you are open for business. A local address will ensure that customers near you will visit and make a purchase.

 Optimize your Facebook page for Facebook ads.

Facebook ads is a great advertising tool. But before using the tool, you need to optimize your Facebook page for Facebook ads.

Always monitor your page insights: Your page insights are critical to the decisions you will make when designing a Facebook ad.

With Page insights you will know if it is video or picture that will best serve your ads campaign. Page insights allow you to understand the dynamics of followers’ engagements.

They also allow you to know the demographics of your followers which will be critical to your Facebook ad campaign.

It will also help when you are creating custom audiences.

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Facebook will continue to grow. More businesses will continue to use it to grow their brand. You should not be left out. Create a Facebook page and follow these tips to optimize your Facebook page for ultimate business success.

Ensure that your page is well optimized for the search engines. Optimize it for more followers as well as followers’ engagement. Optimize the page for more sales and use the page insights to prepare for your Facebook ads campaigns.

Adherence to these strategies will help to position your Facebook page to reap the huge benefits that are available with Facebook marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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