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Get Ahead Of The Competition With a High-Quality And Professional Personal Statement.

The Personal Statement is one of the most important documents that every institution requires for admission. As admissions become more competitive, writing a winning personal statement has become essential. This is one part of the admission process you cannot treat with levity. 

Why Do You Need a Winning Personal Statement?

  • A winning Personal Statement helps you get admitted to the institution of your choice
  • A winning Personal Statement helps you get admitted to the program of your choice
  • It puts you a mile ahead of the competition
  • It projects you as a strong candidate who will be a valuable addition to the program
  • It showcases your ability to organize your thoughts and present your story and personality in a unique way

No matter how qualified you are, it is useless unless you can convince the admission committee of your candidacy. A winning personal statement helps you to convince the admission committee of your candidacy and how you will be a valuable addition to the program

What Makes A Winning Personal Statement?

  • Tells your story in a unique way
  • Finds interesting connections between your academic and professional experience and the course you are applying for
  • Makes good connection between your future goals and the program you are applying for
  • Shows careful research of the program, the faculty, and the student body
  • Highlights your technical skills and personality and how they fit into the program
  • Showcases a good understanding of the current research and happenings in your industry
  • Combines a friendly and persuasive tone
  • Both comprehensive and concise
  • Carefully highlights what you can bring to the program
  • Shows strong writing skills (original, engaging, free from error, organized)

A winning personal statement is not just another piece of document. It requires careful thinking and research as well as top-notch writing skills

Why You Need A Professional?

  • Years of experience helping students like you
  • Better understanding of what every school is looking for
  • Better understanding of what makes a winning personal statement
  • Ability to adjust to the specific requirements of every institution
  • Top-notch writing skills
  • Excellent research skills 

For a document this important to your educational and career pursuits getting professional assistance is a wise investment. Trial and error will not help. Average writing skills will not put you ahead of the pack. With a professional, you can get a quality personal statement that will put you ahead of the competition and gets you the desired admission.

Why Work With Me?

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When you work with me, you are getting the services of a professional writer with more than 250 personal statements in the past 12 months. With my knowledge, experience, and expertise, I will help you craft the perfect personal statement that will tell your unique story and put you ahead of the competiiton no matter the course or institution. 

My Services

My services include: 

  • Proofreading and editing of personal statements, statements of purpose, and diversity statements
  • Rewriting of personal statements, statements of purpose, and diversity statements
  • Writing personal statements, statements of purpose, and diversity statements from scratch

Do you need help proofreading and editing your personal statement? Do you desire a complete overhaul of your personal statement? Do you want a professional to help you write it from scratch? I am the man for the job. Contact me today and let us work together to get you that admission. 

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