Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing


In a previous article, we looked at how artificial intelligence is changing and transforming every industry. Now we turn our attention to how artificial intelligence is changing the digital marketing industry.

When we talk about the application of AI in digital marketing, many people think about Google Discover or Amazon’s use of AI to personalize searches on the platform. However, the applications of AI in digital marketing is more widespread and far-reaching. It extends beyond searches and includes companies that are not big wigs.

In this article, I will seek to introduce you to the different areas of application of AI.

Applications of AI to Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is all about personalization. Despite the rise of many other communication channels, email marketing is still alive and well. One factor responsible for this is its personalization feature. The use of AI has increased the ability of email marketers to offer more personalized messages. Now, AI technology allows marketers to determine the time of day, day of the week, and the frequency with which they should send emails to customers.

AI analyzes information about the customer’s engagement with your content. It then suggests what time of day, what day of the week, and how frequently you should send emails to this customer.

Furthermore, AI also suggests the content that will be relevant for the customer.

Content Curation and Creation

Content curation involves finding high-quality content from different sources on the web and promoting them in one central location. Content curation can be generic, industry-specific, or niche-specific. The use of AI can help to streamline and automate this process. AI can help to identify the most relevant content on the web for curation. A company that curates content on SEO can use AI technology to automate this process.

Many organizations are now using AI to create content. They use AI to create data-driven content like reports and market data. AI can write news reports from the data you feed it.


Search is one of the popular areas AI is transforming digital marketing. AI is behind voice search. AI is also helping to provide more personalization for users when they use search engines.

artificial intelligence and digital marketing


Ad platforms are using artificial intelligence to help distribute ads to people that will most likely respond to them. The primary challenge of marketers when designing ads is targeting. With AI, ad platforms are helping marketers by using AI to show their ads where it will most likely result in the desired action. It does this through the large chunk of data it has on the behavior of users.

Various companies are offering AI-based solutions that help to optimize ads by collating data on deliverability, and the performance by ad platform, etc. There are even platforms that can use AI to create ad campaigns without the input of a human.


Marketers are using AI to design chatbots that can have ‘intelligent’ conversations with humans. These chatbots use a customer’s history as well as the history of its conversations with other customers to proffer solutions to common problems users of a platform have. AI chatbots do not offer pre-programmed responses like typical chatbots. They engage in intelligent conversations based on the input.

These chatbots can work 24/7 (they are machines), respond to customers’ inquiries without emotion, and handle several inquiries simultaneously. Some companies are even using chatbots to offer product and service recommendations to users. AI chatbots also become more intelligent over time as they process more data.

artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Predictive Analysis

AI technology helps marketers to make predictions. This is especially helpful for lead conversion. Based on data and defined criteria, AI can help perform lead scoring and help you determine the probability that a lead will convert. It helps to direct your resources. This technology can also help you predict the price that will lead to conversion and the probability of upselling, cross-selling, or retaining a potential customer.

The ability to predict customer behavior helps marketers achieve more personalization. It enables you to target the right audience with the right message.

artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Website Design and Development

Some companies are already using AI to build websites without the input of a website designer. All you need is input the content (text, images, etc.), and the program will create a complete website. Marketers are also using AI to personalize user experience on their website. AI can help determine what content will work for who.  Analytics tools provided by AI can also help website designers understand which design works best for a website.



In the following weeks, we will consider each of these applications of AI in digital marketing. We’ll look at various examples of each of these applications and how marketers are using them to improve their results.




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