Optimizing your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Many marketers are achieving huge success with influencer marketing. There are endless possibilities with Influencer Marketing, and the success stories are a testimony to that fact. However, while some marketers are “killing” it with Influencer Marketing, others are struggling to achieve their goals. They don’t get adequate returns on investment, and they are frustrated with the whole process.

The problem is not with influencer marketing. The problem is with the marketer or business that is not maximizing their benefits because they have failed to optimize their campaigns. However, influencer marketing campaigns optimization is not only essential for those who are not achieving their goals from the campaigns; even successful campaigns can be optimized for better results.

Optimization is getting more value from a marketing effort by tweaking or adjusting some few things here and there. Every marketing effort and every marketing campaign can be optimized, and Influencer Marketing campaigns are no exception.

Optimize your Influencer Campaigns by optimizing your target audience

Every marketing campaign begins with thorough audience research. When you get the right audience, you have crossed the first hurdle.

Optimizing your audience is integral to choosing the right influencers and designing the right campaign.

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Know what your audience is talking about

Defining your audience is not enough. It is good to know who your audience is and what characteristics define them. But it is even more essential to know what their interests are. The best way to know the interests of your audience or target market is through their conversations.

We spend a lot of time discussing the things that are most important to us. When you are monitoring your audience conversations, you are looking for:

  • The tone of voice: Do they like talking in professional or humorous tones? Are there conversations serious or light?
  • Topics of conversations: What are the topics that most excite them? What is the common thread going through these topics?
  • Most common mediums of conversations: Social media channels? Forums?

Narrow your audience

When your audience is too broad, you can end up with a failed influencer campaign. A broad audience will make you choose the wrong influencers, and your message may not reach the right community of people.

If you sell natural health products, don’t just target an audience of people interested in health and wellness. You can narrow your audience to people who are interested in natural health products.

If you focus on renewable energy products, find people who are already interested in your specific niche and not just anyone who is interested in energy products. Defining your audience in this narrow way will help you choose the right influencers and achieve better results with your campaigns.

Optimize your Influencer Campaigns by optimizing your choice of Influencers

This is one of the key decisions in the process. Even if you are outsourcing your campaigns to influencer marketing agencies, you want to be sure that their choice of influencers correlates with what you know about your audience.

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Look out for tone of voice

By this time, you are already aware of the tone of voice that your audience uses in their conversations and the topics that interest them. You might have many influencers that cover the same topics of interests, but it is still important to choose the one whose tone of voice best aligns with your audience.

If your audience love humor and down to earth conversations, it is better to go for an influencer who is humorous and down to earth rather than one who prioritizes the professional tone.

Look out for engagement

The number of followers, page likes, and group members are not as important as the quality of engagement (likes, comments, discussions, shares). An influencer with 300,000 followers but 1000 average engagement per post will do you far less good compared to the influencer with 100,000 followers and 10,000 engagements per post. In a world of inflated and fake followers and page likes, it is even more essential to place greater importance on engagement.

Optimize your brand-influencer relationship

Apart from choosing influencers, you also need to create a profitable relationship with them. Even when you use an influencer marketing agency, ensure that the agency is relating to the influencers in the most profitable way.

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Make it personal

Don’t just treat your influencers as vehicles for your marketing objectives. They are human beings. Human beings are to be known and loved. Seek opportunities to know your influencers better. If possible, attend the same events with them. Look for opportunities to make connections.

Create value for the influencers as well. Share their post. Know their goals and objectives and find ways to benefit them.

Focus on the long term

Relate with your influencers as if the relationship will be for the long term. It is not just about this campaign and what you can get from it. It is about what the influencer can offer over the lifecycle of your relationship.

Give your influencers freedom

Another key element is to come to an understanding with your influencer on the best way to reach the audience. You have done your research, and you have ideas. But the influencer has also related with these people for the long term and knows them more closely than you do. Instead of telling the influencer what to do and how to do it, come to an understanding with them. Influencers perform better when they are their person and are not unduly influenced to do it in a way that they are not convinced is the best way.

If nothing is wrong with it, don’t fix it.

Optimize your influencer campaigns by optimizing the content

When the influence has created the content, there are things you can do to ensure the content perform better.

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Participate in Distribution

Distribute the content even outside the influencer networks. Distribute to a wider audience where you think the content will also drive more value.

Repurpose the content

If the influencer has created content for Instagram, consider how you can repurpose the content for other social media channels, your website or podcast (as applies). Influencer generated content has some unique quality about them. You can repurpose the content to other channels for better value.

Boost Content with paid ad

You can also increase the reach of influencer content with paid ads. If you have some other audiences you would like to target, use the platform’s native ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) to reach a wider audience.

Optimize your Influencer Campaigns through analytics

Nothing beats analytics when it comes to optimization. Listen to what the data is telling you. Track the performance of influencer content. Measure the performance of your influencer campaigns. Look at key metrics like demographics, engagement, traffic, conversion; depending on the goal of your influencer campaign.

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Change or widen your platforms

If the platform you are using is giving you great results, consider incorporating other similar platforms. If it works on Facebook, it may work on Instagram. If the platform is not giving good results, consider changing your platform.

Change, Continue with or widen influencers

If you think the poor results are because of a poor choice of influencers, then there is a need for you to make a change. On the other hand, if the influencer is great, continue with him or her. Even if the results are not what you want, but you are still convinced of the choice of influencer, optimize the campaign and continue with the influencer. When you get good results from the influencers you are currently using, consider widening the circle by adding other influencers that look like the one that has brought significant success.

Use your analytics and insights throughout the optimization process. They are essential to getting the best results from your campaigns.

Optimize your Influencer Marketing Campaigns by learning from successful ones

Check out people in your niche who are achieving the kind of results you want. Learn from them, see what they do differently, and incorporate the insights you derive.

Some websites do publish influencer marketing success stories. Read those success stories, look out for the ones most appropriate to your brand, and learn from them.

Here are some of them:

8 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Incredible Results – Influencer Marketing Hub

13 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire and Get you Started – Hubspot

Influencer Marketing Success Stories: 3 Brands That Have Nailed Influencer Marketing – Scrunch Blog

15 Examples of Brands That Nailed Their Influencer Marketing – Shane Barker’s Blog

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Many marketers are transforming businesses with influencer marketing. Yours should not be an exception. Whether your influencer campaigns are failing or succeeding, it is always wise to optimize them by following the strategies above listed.

Optimizing your campaigns will help you get better results and make it easy to scale up your campaigns as your business expands.

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