Optimizing your Video Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing your Video Marketing Campaigns


A business implements a video marketing strategy through a variety of video marketing campaigns. Every video marketing campaign flows out from your video marketing strategy. The direction and focus of every campaign depend on the goals you have designed in your strategy.

However, designing a video marketing campaign is not enough. You need to keep optimizing the campaign to achieve the best results in line with your strategy. In this article, we take a brief look at some simple ways you can optimize your video marketing campaigns.

Professional Scripts

The success or failure of any video begins with the scripts. Irrespective of the experience of your talents, it is always essential to use a script. They help to keep things organized and to practice beforehand. The script should not just be about what to say but also the visual cues that accompany every spoken word.

The more professional the scripts, the better your chances of creating an outstanding video.

Tell Stories

Whatever video content types you produce, ensure that your video tells a story. The facts tell, but it is the stories that sell. Stories are more memorable, and they tend to strike a chord with your target audience. Ensure that every video tells a story to which your target audience can easily relate. This will keep them engaged throughout the video. Telling a story is essential to every video marketing campaign.

Use Call to actions (CTAs)

Every video must have a CTA. It is a “sin” in marketing if any of your content lacks a CTA. The CTA may be a link to your website, a call for viewers to like, comment, share, subscribe, or a link to a landing page. Ensure the video itself contains the CTA. It may be the last scene or slide (as the case may be), or you can intersperse it throughout the whole video.

Optimize for Search

Just as you optimize your blog content for the search engine, you should optimize your videos for the search engines. When creating the video, keep the search engines (Google, Youtube) in mind throughout the whole process. From the title, the description, the video scripts, you must keep the goal in mind- to rank for your most important keywords. Visibility on search engines is crucial to every marketing goal.

Backlinko has a comprehensive guide on video SEO.

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Many people on social media channels watch videos without sound. As a result, including captions in your videos is essential. The absence of captions will cause a loss of interest, especially when they mute the video. These tools can help make the captioning process easier.

Introduction is key

The first 10 seconds of the video may be the most important. Those few seconds will determine if the viewer will watch the video to the end or not. All your video marketing campaigns rise and fall on the introduction. This is in tandem with the idea of telling a compelling story. Your video must tell a compelling story, and the story must have a superb introduction.

According to research by Ad Age, 33% of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% stop watching after one minute, and 60% stop watching after two minutes. It means you have less than 30 seconds to make a good impression. Video Brewers found that 20% of viewers will be on to other things within 10 seconds of watching your video.

Therefore, the first 10 seconds are very crucial to make an impression by telling a compelling and captivating story.

Short and sweet

This point flows from the previous. Even if the first 10 seconds is impressive, it does not mean that the video should go on and on. Videos are not created equal. Educative videos will be longer than informative videos. An expert interview will be longer than a case study. It is impossible to say how long a video should be. However, the rule of thumb is that it should not be longer than what is necessary to pass across the message.

Do not extend it if the extra seconds will not add any additional value to your overall message. When it comes to video marketing, short is sweet, and most times, the shorter, the better.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Creating a video is one thing; promoting it is another. Success does not depend solely on creation; it also depends on promotion. No matter how impressive your video, if people do not see it, you have wasted resources.

Promote your videos on Youtube and your social media channels. Send out a message to your email list, inviting them to watch the video. Write a blog post related to the video and embed the video at the heart of the blog post. Ask for the likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions. Use influencers to get the word out. Do not stop promoting your videos.

Analyzing the metrics

Every video hosting channel will give you essential data and analytics on the performance of your video marketing campaigns. Some of the standard metrics include:

  • Impressions / View Count: The number of people who played the video (for at least 3 seconds on Facebook, 30 seconds on Youtube)
  • Video Completion: The number of people who watched the whole video
  • Click-Through Rate: Number of times people clicked on your call to action
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who took the action in your CTA (no of people who took action / the number of people who clicked)
  • Play rate: The number of people who played your video divided by the number of impressions the video received.
  • Completion rate: The number of people who completed the video as a percentage of the number of people who played the video

Analyzing your metrics will help you understand what you need to optimize. If people are completing, but they are not clicking on your CTA, then you should consider changing your CTA. If people are clicking through but not taking the desired action, you need to redo your landing page (as the case may be) or create another offer.

If people do not see the video, you need to work more on SEO and promotion. If people are viewing but are not completing, then maybe you need to change the story.

Understanding your metrics will help you improve the performance of your video marketing campaigns and achieve your video marketing goals.


Optimizing your campaigns to improve results is one of the bedrocks of marketing. It is the same with your video marketing campaigns. You need to keep testing your video marketing campaigns to identify opportunities to optimize the campaigns and improve results.

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