How To Drive Targeted Traffic For Business Visibility

How To Drive Targeted Traffic For Business Visibility

A good content marketing strategy ensures that you produce regular quality content for the benefit of your target market. However, no matter how good your content, you still need to give it some publicity.

No one will know the benefits that your business offers unless you bring the word to them. Therefore, publicizing your content for maximum exposure and traffic is an essential part of your content marketing.

The focus of online marketing efforts is to acquire lots of qualified traffic. Qualified traffic is real traffic rather than bot traffic that constitutes 80% of traffic for small businesses.

But the type of traffic in view is not just general, homogenous traffic. It is targeted traffic. The goal is to bring put your content “in the face” of those who meet your buyer persona profile and constitute part of your target market.

Traffic is useless if it is not targeted traffic.

targeted traffic

Why do you need to drive targeted traffic?

A good amount of targeted traffic is necessary if you will achieve your content marketing and digital marketing goals. Targeted traffic enables you to:

Grow your audience

You build an audience when you drive traffic to your content through your website or social media channels.

Targeted traffic helps you to build and grow a following of people who have been benefitted by your content.

In turn, you have a larger mailing list, more page likes, and more social media followers. As your audience grows, the potentials of your business grow.

Generate relevant leads

Thereafter, you can transform your audience into business leads.

Targeted traffic means you can take your audience down the sales funnel. There are opportunities for target market segmentation.

Consequently, you can focus on a specific group in your target market to pitch a particular product. The mailing list you have built, the Facebook and Youtube following (among other social platforms) become a potential for sales.

Build your brand

The more the traffic you can build for your business, the more visible your brand. The friends of the friends of your “friends” come to know about your product and service.

The larger the following you get, the more your business gain traction. You can begin to position your brand as an industry leader or increase your market share in the industry.

Generate revenue and grow your business


Targeted traffic means more business opportunities. You have more people to target with your product.

Greater traffic means better sales opportunities. More sales mean more revenue. More revenue will lead to business growth and offer opportunities for business expansion.

How to drive traffic: Free traffic generation

There are many free ways to generate traffic to your business content. These means require some consistent efforts, but in the long run, the benefits that you get from them exceed the cost (efforts).

Some of these free traffic sources include:

Search engine optimization / Organic traffic

SEO has become a trendy term in the online marketing world. Search engine optimization stands for all business efforts to position your business to get organic traffic from the search engines.

People make 63,000 searches every second on Google. However, that is just one of the many search engines.

The difference between search engines and social media channels is the buyer’s intent. Someone who comes to Google to search for a particular product or service is more ready to buy than someone who just got a product featured on his feed without asking for it.

SEO ensures that when a potential customer is searching for a product you make or a service you offer, your website comes up first on the Search Engine Results page. The importance of this is that 33% of the total clicks on the first page go to the first website on the SERP.

The goal of every business is to rank on the first page and the first position so you can get a lot of targeted traffic for your business website.

Google searches are so relevant to every business.

It is for this reason that 61% of marketers make SEO their number one inbound marketing strategy

Your website must be optimized for the search engines if you want massive targeted traffic. The process begins from when the design stage of the website to the regular updating of content on the website.

You can start your SEO journey by doing an SEO audit and then following these tested and trusted SEO checklists to ensure you position your business for the search engines.

There might be a need to employ the services of an SEO expert. You can get SEO experts on Freelancing platforms or hire an SEO agency.

targeted traffic

Guest Posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is a way to use the goodwill of another popular website to build yours.

Websites with high traffic, high domain authority and large following often allow guest contributors to write content on their websites.

Guest posting enables them to meet up with their content demands and use their goodwill to meet their content marketing goals without spending money hiring writers.

It is a win-win situation.

When you write a guest post, it provides an opportunity to get your name, your brand and your business before the audience other people have built.

You can start building targeted traffic when you produce relevant content that makes the readers “fall in love” with you.

If they found you interesting and valuable, the curiosity will send them to your website. Thereafter, they can sign up to your mailing list or keep coming back to read fresh content from your site.

targeted traffic

Guest Blogging best practices


  • Read and follow the blog you want to send a guest post: By reading and following the blog, you get an idea of the writing style they favor. It also helps you to get content ideas to pitch them. In essence, you will not be pitching them content they just published last week. You will be able to identify content gaps and opportunities.
  • Read the guest post guidelines thoroughly: Increase the chances of getting your post published by carefully reading the guest posting guidelines of the blog.
  • Write a persuasive pitch: The pitch will determine whether your guest post idea gets accepted or not. Emphasize the value of your post, the benefits to the readers, how it aligns with the blog’s goals and how it fills a content gap on the blog. Read the 9 tips to perfectly pitch your guest blog post
  • Write great content: Write your guest post the way you will write your blog post. Follow the relevant and necessary content writing best practices.
  • Follow Up: Some blogs might not respond for a while. If they tell you to wait for a week and you don’t get any response, follow up on the editor and get feedback.
  • Share the post and interact with comments: Share the post on your social media channels. Interacting with comments will improve the chances of getting targeted traffic from your guest posts. Answer questions, initiate discussions and demonstrate your expertise.

Check out the definitive list of blogs that accept blog posts. Look out for your niche and start pitching those blogs and publications.

Social media share


Every website builder (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.) has social media share buttons plugins. The plugin allows you and other readers to share your content on various social media platforms.

I use the Sassy Social share (WordPress Plugin).

It enables me to share my content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mix, Reddit, Whatsapp, Google +, Pinterest, Delicious and many more.

Social media signals help to rank your content better apart from generating more traffic for your content. They also help your posts get indexed on Google quickly.

Best Practices

  • Be the first to share your content on your social media platforms
  • At the end of every post, ask your readers to share your content on their social media platforms
  • Share a post on your social media walls and pages to create awareness about the post. At the end of the post, ask your friends and followers to share the post.
  • Republish your content on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn


Quora is a question and answer forum that you can use to generate massive traffic. Search and answer questions related to your new content. Make your answers concise and straight to the point. At the end of the answer, leave a link to your blog post where readers can search for additional information.

Brian Schuster, a Blockchain technology expert, generated 1 million views in a single month on Quora. Wish Pond, a landing page and lead generation business generated 13, 470 website visitors in a month from Quora

How to get started with Quora

  • Register an account on Quora.com
  • Choose topics that are relevant to your niche
  • Fill in your credentials in a way that showcase your expertise
  • Search for questions related to your new blog post
  • Choose questions with less than 10 answers, more than 1000 views and was asked within the past month
  • Create easy to read answers (graphics, paragraphs, bullet points, bold, italics) that are relevant and concise
  • Include a link to your blog post

Read this article for more on Quora Marketing: 5 experts share their Quora marketing success tips

Blog commenting

Another way to increase targeted traffic is to leave valuable comments on blogs that are related to yours. Look out for blogs in your niche with high domain authority and a large following.

Type your niche + popular blogs to get some ideas of the most popular blogs in your niche.

Steps to perfecting blog commenting

  • Identify high domain authority blogs in your niche
  • Subscribe those blogs to your com account to get updates when they publish new posts
  • Ensure you read the post and the other comments thoroughly
  • Include your website URL if the platform allows you to do so
  • Create an engaging comment that will make people curious and desirous to know you and your business
  • Don’t write rehashed comments that create no value
  • Use blog commenting to build a profitable relationship with people in your niche. It can create more opportunities in the future. Think Guest posting for example

targeted traffic

Forum Posting

Forums are also a good way to establish your expertise. Become a regular contributor to a niche forum, and you can build the relationship and expertise that will drive targeted traffic to your niche.

See how someone generated 1861 website visitors from a single forum post

When you seek to create and give value to people on the forum, they trust your recommendations. When you share links to your blog posts or other content, they will click through.

For those in the Internet Marketing niche, Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire and Digital Point are some good forums to join.

Type your niche + popular forums on Google to get some good forums you can join

Best practices

  • Don’t join too many forums at the same time
  • Always seek to create value for members
  • Do not spam the forums
  • Read and follow the guidelines of the forums you join
  • Put your website link in your signature
  • Let your username and profile communicate your expertise and brand
  • Don’t just comment on threads, start new ones.

Quick Sprout has a comprehensive article on how to build traffic through forums

targeted traffic

Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are also like forums. Use the Facebook search tool to look for groups that are related to your niche. Join those groups and watch how they can translate to targeted traffic.

200 million people use Facebook groups. It has a lot of potentials for targeted traffic.

How to use Facebook Groups to generate traffic

  • Write an introduction post when you join. Write an introduction post about how happy you are to join, who you are, what to do, and your commitment to help improve the group.
  • Make comments on as many posts as possible. Let your comments be relevant and helpful
  • Create posts on the groups that are useful and relevant with no links.
  • Share content to the group that were not written by you
  • Let every post written and content shared demonstrate your expertise and willingness to help
  • After a month or so, share your content as part of the valuable resources you share to the group
  • When you answer questions or give advice, leave a link to your blog post that expatiate on that answer (After a month of joining the group)
  • Create your Facebook Group and build membership from other groups

Watch this Neil Patel’s video

targeted traffic

How to drive traffic: Paid traffic generation

You can also generate targeted traffic through paid avenues.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has a lot of potentials for marketing. 2.23 billion people from all over the world access Facebook every day.

98% of B2B marketers use Facebook.

89% of B2C marketers use Facebook.

54% of B2B marketers say it is the most important advertising platform.

Facebook Ads are very important for advertisers. An average Facebook user clicks on eight ads in a month

Facebook ads are a good way to drive targeted traffic to your website content and your landing pages.

See how to optimize your Facebook Ads to drive more traffic and sales.

If you are new to Facebook ads, read this comprehensive guide from Neil Patel to learn how to begin

targeted traffic

Google Ad words

Google Ad words are also a great way to generate targeted traffic. Google Ad words allow your particular website pages to come up in the top positions on the SERP for some particular keywords that are essential for your business.

When a prospective buyer searches for the product through certain keywords, Ad words project your business website pages to the very top of the SERP.

However, since there are other competitors, there is no guarantee you will be on the first page for that keyword. There are factors like bid amount and the site’s quality score that determine the websites in the first position.

With good quality score and carefully selected long tail keywords, you can get your website to the very top and drive massive targeted traffic to your landing pages.

To get started, check this step by step guide on Google Ad Words by Neil Patel.

Display Ads

High authority blogs with lots of traffic often offer advertising spaces on their websites. You can use those advert spaces to set up display ads on related pages that can generate traffic back to your website.

$9 billion was spent in 2016 on display advertising.

You can use the traffic of high authority websites to place targeted display ads and generate targeted traffic to your business website.

If you ever want to use display ads, you need to read this blog post from Hubspot


Targeted traffic is the soul of online marketing- the more the traffic you generate, the greater the potential of your business.

There are free and paid ways to generate traffic that a business can master to give them ultimate visibility and provide massive revenue and growth potentials.

It is essential to choose the methods that best align with your marketing goals and learn how to optimize your marketing to succeed with whatever means you choose.

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