Video Creation Software and Video Marketing

Video Creation Software and Video Marketing


The use of videos for marketing purposes is on the rise. Businesses and marketers recognize that video marketing is the new deal in the marketing world. However, small companies that do not have big budgets are wondering if video marketing is for them. Low budget, small businesses can also win with video marketing. The important thing is starting from where they are and grow from there.One way low budget small businesses can enjoy the benefits of video marketing without much capital investment is the use of video creation software.

In a previous article, we looked at the benefits of video creation software and what they can do for small businesses. In this article, we look at some of the best video creation software for small businesses.

video creation software

Video Creation Software


Explaindio is one of the popular video creation software that small businesses can use to produce different types of videos for marketing purposes. With Explaindio, you can create explainer videos, 2D and 3D animations, doodle sketch, motion videos, promo videos. Etc. You can use these video types to promote a new product, tell your brand story, and create an instructional or case study video for customers.

Explaindio has:

  • Over 300+ fonts
  • Integration with Pixabay
  • 180+ Pre-made text animations
  • Background audio tracks
  • Easy Export Options
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials
  • Import videos and images
  • Import external 3D elements
  • Built-in Transitions
  • 100 Background Videos
  • Cloud Storage
  • 300 Stock Images
  • 200 Ready to Use Animated Scenes

Get Explaindio Software for your business.


Powtoon is another popular video creation software. With Powtoon, you can create animation videos that you can use as instructional, demo, and case study videos. Powtoon also allows you to create top-notch infographic, explainer, and presentation videos.

Some of the features of Powtoon include:

  • Allows you to embed voiceovers
  • Add PSD and PPT files, Gifs, Images, and Videos.
  • More than 24 video templates for use
  • Different character options
  • Easy to handle interface
  • Great for work, individual, and educational purposes.

Get Powtoon for your business

VideoMaker FX

VideoMaker FX is one of the most accessible video creation software to operate. It is free to use software (no watermarking) for creating cool animated and explainer videos. With VideoMaker FX, you can create product demos, affiliate review videos, product promotion videos, photo slideshow, business presentation videos, and video sales letters. You can also turn your articles to videos.

Features of VideoMaker FX

  • A vast collection of backgrounds, images, and icons
  • 35 different themes
  • More than 240 editable scenes
  • 20 free music tracks
  • You can import your assets

Get VideoMaker FX for your business


Animoto is another animation and explainer video creation software. It’s one of the best for creating square videos, which are especially useful for social media marketing. You can turn pictures and video clips into video slideshows.

Features of Animoto

  • More than 5o prebuilt storyboards
  • Professional fonts
  • Commercially licensed soundtracks
  • Unlimited custom colors
  • 100+ photos and videos
  • Comes with a seven-day free trial

Get Animoto for your business


Doodly is one of the most popular video creation software in the market. It is perfect for creating professional whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard doodle videos. You can use Doodly to create various marketing videos, including demo videos, product promotion videos, explainer videos, and instructional videos.

Features of Doodly:

  • Smart Draw Patented Technology allows you to upload your images
  • Import your voiceover
  • No limit to the number of images
  • Music tracks from a variety of sources
  • Easy to use click and drag video creation process
  • Free Software updates
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Download and install on as many computers as you want

Get Doodly for your business


Animaker is another video creation software that helps you create videos of studio quality. Create high-quality explainer, infographic, and presentation videos with Animaker. It is cloud-based software and offers many DIY tools and options. It’s free for up to five 2-minute videos every month.

Features of Animaker

  • A vast library of animation assets
  • Cloud-based video creation software
  • Seven different video styles
  • High-quality 4K Videos
  • More than a thousand templates
  • Wide variety of character sets
  • Millions of stock photos and videos
  • Built-in animation tools
  • Easy to use interface for beginners

Get Animaker for your business


Videoscribe is a top-rated video creation software. The debate on which is better between Videoscribe and Doodle still lives on. You can use Videoscribe to create doodle videos and whiteboard animation videos as demo videos, product promotion videos, instructional, and explainer videos. Videoscribe has a 7-day free trial.

Features of Videoscribe

  • Add your text, music, or voiceover
  • Simple drag and drop video creation process
  • Thousands of customizable images and music

Get Videoscribe for your business.


Biteable is another excellent video creation software. You can use Biteable to create animated videos, explainer videos, video ads, and videos for various marketing purposes. Biteable is free to use.

Features of Biteable

  • High-quality music library
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Hundreds of photo scenes in live-action
  • Simple premade templates
  • Easy drag and drop process
  • An extensive collection of pre-animated scenes
  • More than 800,000 real-life stock footage clips and animations
  • Import your photos and clips
  • Add your logo and brand colors

Get Biteable for your business

Vyond (GoAnimate)

GoAnimate (now renamed Vyond) is another popular video creation software. You can use GoAnimate to create high quality animated and explainer videos. Vyond has a free trial period.


  • Single Click publishing
  • Multi-language support
  • Full HD Videos
  • Import Images
  • Automated infographics facility
  • A full suite of collaboration tools

Get Vyond for your business

video creation software


Video creation software will help small enterprises to take advantage of video marketing even with their low budget. These software are easy to use, effective, dynamic, and efficient. Some of them are free, while a few of them have a trial period where you can access their efficiency.

With the availability of these software, there is no excuse for any business that still ignores video marketing because of a low budget. Get any of the above software and begin your journey to maximizing the benefits of video marketing.

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